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What on Earth is this?
What do success principles and cancer have to do with each other?

That's what I had to ask Dave when we got together to write "Can't Doesn't Exist".

Thankfully, after a bit of exploration (of which I'm glad I did), I figured it out.

Before I explain it, let me tell you about David Prentice, and why you need to know his story.

A high school dropout turned millionaire (before age 30!), Dave’s traveled the world and seen it all, having lived more life in his 30 years than most do in their entire lives.  And that’s a really good thing, because we don’t know how much longer he will be with us.

You see, at 28, Dave was on top of the world.  His success in real estate had brought him money, and his success in relationships had brought him happiness.  "I was winning at life," he said.

But on Father's Day 2018, everything changed when out of nowhere, he went into a full on grand mal seizure.  He was rushed to the emergency room, where, after a series of scans, the doctors discovered a 7cm tumor in his brain.  It was brain cancer, and it was bad.

Dave was given a terminal diagnosis, and then did what he always does; he fought.

Now, we started with the question of what on Earth this book is about, and this is where I’d like to tell you.  This is about success principles, and how to find victory over the greatest of struggles.  It's about how to become rich, whether that's in life, in relationships, in money, or anything else you want to be rich in.  It's about the six things you need to know if you want to advance in life, and it's about making sure you don't just know them, but you know how to put them into use so that you can have the life of your dreams.

You see, it turns out that the same "6 Rules" that David used to become a millionaire, are the same "6 Rules" that David has used to not just survive during a terminal illness, but to thrive.  And it's those "6 Rules" that David wants to teach you in this book.

When the doctors told Dave that there was a 95% likelihood that he would be dead within two years, Dave set out on a mission to share with the world his six rules to success…and from that, came "Can't Doesn't Exist".

And that’s what this book is.  This is Dave's way of teaching you the 6 rules that you need to know, if you want to better your career, improve your family relationships, or take on a fight with any ailment, even terminal cancer, and come out victorious.

In Can't Doesn't Exist, you will learn not just the six rules for success, but how to implement them so that you can change your life immediately, in any and every way you desire!

You will learn

  1. How to choose a life-path that will give you not just success, but fulfillment and happiness too
  2. The keys to creating strong relationships that can boost not just your career, but your personal life as well
  3. Why goals aren’t silly little things that your boss creates, but a powerful tool to achieve anything you want
  4. How to become courageous, the EASY WAY
  5. Why failing is the secret to success


And most importantly…

How to get free!

Now, here’s the thing.  This book is for people who want to win.  If that’s not you, you probably don’t need to bother.  But, if that is you, if you are someone who wants to win in the challenges of life, then this is your book.  So, let me ask you…Do you want to win?  If so, click HERE, and get started today!

Towards the Wilderness is the newest series from author Joshua Gordon, focusing on famed criminal Junior Avad.  It is an exploration into the mind of a man who allows his convictions to take him down an all too dangerous path.

In book #1, The Road Most Taken, you will join Junior's son Ben, many years after the infamous trial that put his father in prison and made headline news across the nation.  Ben joins up with his uncle Theo, and the plan was simple; in order to help Ben better understand who his father really is, and what drove him to do the things that landed him in prison, Ben and Theo would take a road trip, and explore all of the places where Ben's father grew up.  That was the plan, but as we all know, things never go as planned.  Join Ben and Theo, and see if they make it...

In book #2, We Are Free, you will get an opportunity to look into the childhood and teen years of Junior Avad.  If you've ever wondered how someone can go from an innocent child, to working in organized crime and having killed multiple people, We Are Free will show you.  It's the story of Junior Avad's youth, and development.

Book #3, The Cost, is an in-prison interview held between veteran writer Lisa Sucher, and the aforementioned Junior Avad.  While Lisa thought she knew what she was in for, and she thought she had all the experience she needed to handle someone like Junior, when she found out that his last two cell mates had both committed suicide, all within a 3-week window, she realized that maybe, just maybe, she was into something a little more troubling than she had expected.

Book #4 is on its way...but you'll have to wait just a little bit longer...if you want to be updated on it as it progresses, take a moment and join the Readers Club at, and we'll keep you up to date!


Are you tired of the ups and downs of life?  Are you ready to live a life filled with joy?  Do you want to know exactly what you need to do in order to find lasting happiness?

True happiness is a mindset, not a moment, and it’s one that you can possess, if you only know how.  The fact is, joy is a byproduct.  It is the result of living in the manner (specific to you), that creates a deep, personal, and unique joy!

Multiple fields of science have found that to be happy, we have to take certain happiness steps.  If you don't know these steps, it would be near impossible to live a happy life!

Contrary to common assumptions, it's not simply physical health, financial wealth, or relationships that create a happy life.  The steps you must take are simple, but first, you have to learn them!  The How To of Happy breaks down these steps, teaching you exactly what to do to have a joyful mind.

Readers will learn: 

  • The three necessities so that you can live a happy life
  • The six categories of dislikes that are NOT why you are unhappy
  • The six most common challenges that get in the way of happiness
  • The essential balance elements necessary for you to enjoy your life

After working through the "How to" portion of the book, Joshua Gordon deep dives into his own life and how these principles play out in day to day living.  You will see a firsthand look into what has made him one of the happiest people on the planet, sharing stories of struggles and success, and how these scientifically proven principles will help you live a joyful life, now!  If you are ready to get started on getting happy, click here!