A Quick Interview...

Who is Joshua M. Gordon?

I am a husband, father, and writer.

Why do you write? What do you write about?

The goal is to help bring clarity to topics that should be simple, yet aren't.  I have a passion for writing (and reading) both fiction and non-fiction. 

When we listen, history teaches us.  And if there is one thing that history has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is that we can learn from stories in ways we could never learn from laboratories.  As a result, my fiction work always has a simple goal, deliver a great story, that carries a great message.  In other words, I hope to entertain, and help, at the same time.

The non-fiction I write is truly more of a passion project.  Things I believe need to be said.  Things which should be taught.  They will not be for everybody.  I write on topics where I see a need.  How To Own Your Thoughts came out of seeing how often people struggle with their own desires.  The How To Of Happy came out of daily life.  I've discovered the secrets to living a joyous life, and I want other people to do the same, so I've shared my discoveries.  It turned out that what I learned the hard way has been well known by psychologists for a long time.  In reality, I simply gathered a bunch of information, and put it together into what is hopefully a useful format.

Is there anything your readers should know about you?

I try to live life with the motto to love constantly.  I hope my readers know that everything I write is designed to make the world a better place.  I write to be loving.  Sometimes, that will be encouraging.  Sometimes, it may be harsh.  It will always come from a position of love though.

Is there anything you want to say to your readers?

I want people to know that life has meaning.  I want our conversations to have meaning too.