Ever wonder what it’s like to be the child of a famous killer?

Ben Avad thinks of himself as nothing more than a regular college student.  Because of that, when he’s approached to write a book about what it’s like to grow up the son of an infamous criminal, he quickly comes to the conclusion that it’s not him that anybody wants to know about; it’s his father.

Ben’s father, Junior Avad, the infamous killer, turned family man, turned ‘drug pushing abuser’, is sitting in prison, while Ben and his Uncle Theo venture on a road trip to help Ben better understand who his father really is, and where he came from.

Theo leads Ben to a myriad of places, all the while sharing memories, making discoveries, and running into danger that only Theo had expected.

Ben just wants to get to know his father, but suddenly finds himself needing to figure out who’s out to get him, who’s on his side, and if Theo is really one of the good guys, or not.  Will Ben and Theo’s stop in the big city be the end, not just of their trip, but of their lives?    Will he make it to the prison to sit with his father?  And who, exactly, is Uncle Theo really?

Want to know how a boy from a nice town, with a nice family, ends up a criminal? Ever wonder why one person becomes a doctor, and another becomes a killer?

Junior Avad’s life began in chaos.  His father Raphael quickly put it into order, but there was a problem – ‘order’ wasn’t something that Junior was interested in.

From the first time he ran away from home, to the infamous gang fight that left seven dead, to his interactions with organized crime boss Oliver Garcetti, We Are Free explores the life of Junior Avad from childhood through the end of his teen years, looking at all of the events that led to a life filled with crime and trouble.

Junior Avad may be a killer, and depending on who you ask, a horrible child abuser, but he didn’t start out that way.

If you want to know how a young boy from a nice family becomes a high-profile criminal, click the link below!


We Are Free is book 2 of the Towards the Wilderness Series, a series dedicated to the lives of the infamous killer, turned family man, turned 'drug pushing abuser', Junior Avad, and his family.  We Are Free is a stand-alone, full length book, with no cliff hanger ending.

What would you do to protect the life of your child? Would you go to jail? Would you risk it all?

When his son became sick and the doctors didn’t know what to do, these were the questions Junior Avad was faced with.

Unwilling to sit back and watch, Junior Avad took matters into his own hands to protect the lives of his wife and child.  The only problem was how he did it.

His methods nearly killed his wife, and made headline news across the country.  When his court case drew more attention than any other in years, it was obvious that the book deals would come rolling in.

Enter Lisa Sucher.  For 15 years Lisa has been writing and blogging about the worst of the worst in the criminal world.

When tasked with interviewing Junior, Lisa thought she knew what she was in for.  She knew how smart he was, and had heard plenty about his ability to influence people.  Despite being warned that he could get in your head, Lisa was confident.

Lisa thought she was prepared, but when she found out that his previous two cell-mates had both committed suicide, all within a three-week window, she realized that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t.

Join her for an in-depth prison interview with Junior Avad, where they discuss not just what he did, and why he did it, but why he thinks she would have done the same.

Click the link below, and find out why he thinks you too, would have done the exact same thing.


The Cost is book 3 of the Towards the Wilderness Series, a series dedicated to the lives of the infamous killer, turned family man, turned 'drug pushing abuser', Junior Avad, and his family.  The Cost is a stand-alone, full length book, with no cliff hanger ending.


What causes a man to snap?  How is it that someone can be a regular guy one day, and a murderer the next?

When Jeremiah Carpenter is murdered in cold blood, his son Manny is forced to take on the responsibility of unveiling the truth behind that horrible night.  Manny starts out by interviewing his father’s killer, with a simple mission; to understand why Leon Demming killed his father.

Leon, however, wasn’t quite willing to just lay it all out there, and sends Manny chasing after answers to questions that before interviewing Leon, he didn't even know existed.

Questions like who is Susie Carlisle, and why does Leon seem so obsessed with her?  Why did Leon break into Jeremiah Carpenter’s home, but seemingly take nothing?

Those questions matter, but when Leon lets slip that Manny's father has a secret he's been hiding, and that secret is the reason for the murder, Manny's investigation gets sent in an entirely new direction, raising the most important question of all...what was Jeremiah Carpenter hiding?

Join Manny as he seeks to make sense out of the coded words, misdirection, and downright lies, and see if you can figure it out before he does!

Are you tired of the ups and downs?  Are you ready to live a life filled with joy?  Do you want to know exactly what you need to do, to find happiness that lasts?

True happiness is a mindset, not a moment, and it’s one that you can possess, if you only know how.  The fact is, joy is a byproduct.  It is the result of living in the manner (specific to you), that creates a deep, personal, and unique joy!

Multiple fields of science have found that to be happy, we have to take certain "happiness steps".  If you don't know these steps, it would be near impossible to live a happy life!

Contrary to common assumptions, it's not simply physical health, financial wealth, or relationships that create a happy life.  The steps you must take are simple, but first, you have to learn them!  The How To of Happy breaks down these steps, teaching you exactly what to do to have a joyful mind.

Readers will learn: 

  • The three necessities so that you can live a happy life
  • The six categories of dislikes that are NOT why you are unhappy
  • The six most common challenges that get in the way of happiness
  • The essential balance elements necessary for you to enjoy your life

After working through the "How to" portion of the book, Joshua Gordon deep dives into his own life and how these principles play out in day to day living.  You will see a firsthand look into what has made him one of the happiest people on the planet, sharing stories of struggles and success, and how these scientifically proven principles will help you live a joyful life, now.